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Save-On Dental Care has different options for dentures to better enable us to meet the needs of more patients. The primary difference in the fee associated with a denture is the quality of the teeth. There are two major items that determine the cost and or quality of a denture tooth. The first is the higher the quality or price of a denture tooth, the more lifelike or natural you should expect it to be. The second and most important thing to be aware of is that a higher quality tooth is generally made out material that is harder and denser which makes it stronger and wear better, especially against natural teeth. In cases that a patient would have false teeth against or opposing natural teeth, we always suggest the higher grade of teeth because the natural teeth will wear the lower grade of false teeth out very quickly. At Save-On Dental Care, we inform you of the options available and the fees associated with those options for your case but you still call the shots.

If you are in need of a denture that would require you to have multiple extractions, give us a call and ask how you may be able to get your temporary denture for free!