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First Patient Appointment

At Save-On Dental Care there are three basic options available to new patients for their first appointment.

Option 1. This type of first patient appointment is the Consultation. It is a preliminary look at the patient's situation and can give basic information about the direction of treatment that may be pursued and the fees associated with those options. All information discussed in this appointment is contingent upon a Comprehensive Oral Examination, which includes full mouth X-rays.

Option 2. This type of first patient appointment is the Comprehensive Oral Examination. It is a complete evaluation and assessment of a patient's oral health status. To fully diagnose the patient's situation the dentist must have a Full Mouth X-ray to determine the degree of dental care needed. Upon completion of this diagnostic process, a comprehensive treatment plan will be developed and presented to the patient. At this point the patient will be made aware of the steps and fees associated with their treatment.

Option 3. This type of first patient appointment is the Emergency Oral Examination. When a patient is faced with unexpected pain and requires immediate attention, an unscheduled Emergency appointment may be necessary. At this time the dentist will require one or more new X-rays to evaluate and diagnose the cause of the pain. A $75.00 fee for the emergency appointment is charged in addition to any charges associated with X-rays.

Note: Whenever possible the Save-On Dental Care Team will start work on your case the same day of your treatment plan. If this is your desire, please inform the scheduler when you make your appointment. Click on the Patient Form tab on this site and fill out the information to speed up your ability to be seen by the dentist.