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Save-On Dental Care offers several different types of partial dentures. Each case is different, and some types of partials are not appropriate for certain types of cases. We offer temporary partials for those patients that need to have multiple extractions just prior to delivering their partial. The second type of partial is called an acrylic partial; they replace missing teeth and are held in place by wrought wire clasps on adjacent teeth. We have flexible partials, which are new technology made from nylon and they have no metal in them. Our conventional cast metal partials are very popular and have been considered the standard of the industry for decades. We have a combination cast/flex partial for more difficult cases which combines both technologies for stability and strength and has become one the most popular choices in removable partial dentures. These are guaranteed not to break with normal wear and tear. Last but not least is what is called a precision attachment partial. It is done in conjunction with crowns and has no visible clasp as it is held in place with precision snaps attached to a crown or bridge.